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What people are saying about The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Breast Cancer

Here are a selection of reviews, including reviews from oncology specialists, professional book reviewers and personal recommendations.

Her book is a valuable resource for anyone facing a diagnosis of breast cancer—or, indeed, any other serious health condition. In it, she offers tips on how to navigate confusing health care systems and find assistance from patient advocates and support groups. She also praises integrative oncologists who combine conventional treatments with alternative ones.

A cogent and detailed look at the realities of cancer care.

Kirkus Reviews

Full review posted on Kirkus Reviews

VERDICT This title is recommended for most comprehensive patient health collections.  PhD Maker was diagnosed in 2011 with metastatic lobular mammary carcinoma in a left axillary node. This guide for patients details every inch of her process, from multiple physician and hospital evaluations to her surgery and adjuvant therapy and overall wellness plan.

Bette-Lee Fox

Managing Editor, Library Journal, Review posted in Barnes and Noble for the Library Journal

This highly recommended pick should be in every general lending library and in every health or women’s issues collection.  Readers should anticipate not a ‘how to’ title, but a blend of autobiography and investigation as Janet Maker, Ph.D. discusses her journey through the world of medical diagnostic procedures and cancer treatments. Chapters discuss how she made her own choices and, even more importantly, highlight the knowledge she holds today that might, in hindsight, have influenced or changed these decisions. Perhaps most telling of all comes from the author’s own words in her preface: “This is the book I wished I had when I needed it.”  … The result is far beyond an autobiography of experience and delves into the worlds of latest research applications, best practices, and treatments every breast cancer patient should know about before they make decisions.  Read Diane’s detailed review here…

Diane Donovan

Editor, Midwest Book Review

Because of Dr. Maker’s academic background as a researcher, she discovered facts about the disease and its treatments about which lay people may not know. I particularly enjoyed reading what she did after she went into remission — how she worked with an integrative oncologist to adjust her internal “terrain”. This involved major lifestyle changes in terms of diet, supplements, exercise, stress reduction, and detoxification, all of which are in alignment with the 9 healing factors that Radical Remission survivors use. I hope you enjoy it!

Kelly Turner, Ph.D.

Author of NY Times Bestseller Radical Remission, Founder, The Radical Remission Project

Highly recommended. The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Breast Cancer is a concise and well-written gift for women navigating the medical system and trying to make better-informed decisions. Based on her personal experience with breast cancer and well-honed investigative and critical thinking skills, Janet Maker Ph.D. offers readers a full spectrum of insights, resources, and even warnings when facing a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment that applies just as well to any other crucial health issue. Read Bonnie’s detailed review on the Breast Cancer Consortium web page…

Bonnie Spanier, Ph.D.

Reviewer for Breast Cancer Consortium, Breast Cancer Consortium

 I highly recommend The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Breast Cancer by Janet Maker, Ph.D., as a must-read book for all women.To say that the author was thorough in her research and education is an understatement. Diving headfirst into the world of information, she tenaciously endeavored to overcome every obstacle one by one until she had enough information to make well-educated decisions. Readers will discover how little is actually understood about breast cancer, the general attitude of the cancer establishment, and the absolute need to educate themselves in light of a diagnosis. There is also a wealth of information about the importance of a good support group, proper nutrition, and complementary alternative medicine and treatments. Read Sheri’s detailed review on the Reader Views website.

Sheri Hoyte

Reviewer, Reader Views

Dr. Maker’s message to others facing breast cancer is to apply critical thinking, to never stop asking questions and to seek out organizations and individuals who empower patients to advocate for the best care possible. Dr. Maker brings her formidable background, training and intellect to her quest for answers…. Dr. Maker is realistic yet hopeful, vulnerable and courageous in her journey and mission to inform and improve the lives of breast cancer patients. She makes every effort to explain potentially complicated words, phrases, and concepts to help the reader.  The sub-title of the book is ‘Take Charge of Your Recovery and Remission’. This is her call to action and she leads by example.  Read the detailed review on the Zero Breast Cancer web page.
Deborah Berenboim, Rose Barlow

Volunteer, Executive Director, Zero Breast Cancer

If my grandmother had had the information, support and care that she needed, she probably would still not only be alive, but living in remission as well. The nuggets that Dr. Maker provided don’t only apply to breast cancer, but a variety of other health issues that anyone can acquire from diabetes, weight loss and learning disorders to mental illness. There are other alternatives available outside of what your doctor may recommend, which may not only be beneficial according to medical culture, but can have minimal side effects for you. Knowledge is power and we should all be appreciative of the transparency and knowledge that this book contains.  Read the detailed review on Readers’ Favorite.
Vernita Naylor

Reviewer, Readers' Favorite

A must read for any breast cancer patient looking for an insightful and up to date resource. A comprehensive guide that taps into an enormous wealth of clinical and scientific literature to provide readers with significant knowledge and resources to explore standard and integrative therapeutic options. Through her rigorous analysis of treatment options and outcomes, Janet Maker takes us through her personal journey of dealing with cancer and highlights the challenges of identifying personalized treatment as a breast cancer patient. She relies on cutting edge scientific and clinical evidence to guide her treatment strategies and presents readers with exciting new research that is changing the way cancer is diagnosed and treated.

Laura Jimenez, Ph.D.

Oncology Research Scientist, UCLA, Amazon review

The Thinking Women’s Guide, is invaluable not only to patients and families but also health care providers that wish to understand and treat those affected by this disease. The Thinking Women’s Guide to Breast Cancer is a beautifully written and honest guide for any person or person who has a loved one that has received a cancer diagnosis. A cancer diagnosis can be one of the scariest and most confusing times for a patient and their family. It can be very challenging to navigate the health care system, make an individualized informed decision about treatment and receive the support that is needed during this time. Dr. Janet Maker bravely tells her personal story while also providing invaluable knowledge and evidence based research about all things involved in battling breast cancer. Janet Maker’s book contains a wealth of information that will help so many not only navigate the road to personal recovery but also help every person touched by cancer understand how to support the whole person, not just the disease, on the path to wellness. This book is a rare, comprehensive and personal look into breast cancer that touches all aspects that need to be known to a patient in a way that health care providers cannot always do.Thank you Dr. Janet Maker!

Sondra Ortiz

RN, BSN Hematology Oncology Registered Nurse, Amazon review

I could not put this book down. The author has done her homework and I cannot wait to bring a copy to my oncologist! As a nurse practitioner, I fully appreciated the evidence based research information in each and every chapter! A must read!
Dorrie Murtagh

Nurse Practitioner, Amazon review

This book combines an inspiring personal story with an amazing amount of information! Much of the book will be useful even to those who aren’t dealing with cancer. I particularly appreciated the author’s careful analysis of how being slightly overweight may actually extend life. She has done her research into side effects and survival statistics, but even more importantly she discusses how to deal with doctors who may not be able or willing to move beyond the “standard of care.” She insists on being treated as a person, not a disease.
Kathy Wexler

Personal recommendation, Amazon review

The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Breast Cancer’ is a must for anyone coping with the shock of a positive diagnosis. Written by a woman who has experienced the trauma and is now in successful recovery, it sets out everything you need to know to give yourself the optimum chance of survival. Cutting through the medical jargon it uses clear and understandable language to help the reader negotiate the often bewildering minefield of possibilities. The section on cold caps alone, (a method of ensuring that the hair doesn’t fall out during therapy) makes this invaluable book worth the money,
Samantha Lee

Personal recommendation, Amazon review

This is a must read for everyone so that they can help themselves and others with breast cancer.  I’ve always been health conscious and this book gives a LOT of good information. Janet Maker researched and found the best solutions for alternatives in treating breast cancer.
Daniel Swanson

Personal recommendation, Amazon review

This is a terrific book: well written, informative, timely and a compelling read. The narrative draws the reader in and moves forward easily as the author describes her experiences and details what she learned along the way. She reveals what she wishes she had known at the outset, what she might have done differently, and what worked out well for her. In addition to a moving history, the book encourages patients to be pro-active in treatment decisions and relationships with medical personnel. It also provides a wealth of information and reference sources covering most, if not all, aspects of breast cancer.

A final, and important, note: although the book deals with breast cancer, its basic advice – and its encouragement to be an active, informed participant in one’s treatment – could easily apply to a wider range of cancers and, indeed, to a wide range of serious diseases. Highly recommended.

Sherrie Hinkle

Personal recommendation, Amazon review

If you are a “Thinking Woman” and not willing to settle for the status quo concerning the treatment and/or the avoidance of breast cancer, you need this book. From personal experience and thorough research Maker shares the struggles and conclusions that has assisted her successfully through a forest of facts and opinions.

No one should take this path alone. Let her help you down that path.

M Abel

Personal recommendation, Amazon review

I think anyone who is about to head into the uncharted waters of a breast cancer diagnosis MUST read this book. Janet Maker took this journey herself and left no stone unturned regarding her treatment and her life in recovery. I trust that everything she experienced first hand will be of value to others. She excels in critical thinking skills and offers readers a full spectrum of insights, resources, and even warnings when facing a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment that applies just as well to any other crucial health issue. The information is “outside the medical box” in some ways and encourages looking and seeking all options, not just the ones provided by surgeons and oncologists. If you or someone you know is embarking on this course, don’t hesitate to offer them the benefit of Janet’s experience and ongoing learning about breast cancer, recovery, and healthful living beyond treatment.
K Mackinnon

Personal recommendation, Amazon review

This combination memoir/self-help book functions as a manual to aid in making informed decisions for anyone diagnosed with breast cancer or who has a friend or relative who has been.  Author Janet Maker, has written her own story about grappling with a breast cancer diagnosis. However, she has packed her narrative with facts and resources rarely encountered by the general public in dealing with the murky waters of the medical community and particularly with breast cancer specialists, diagnosis, and treatment. The author has been blunt and forthcoming about her personal experiences and current status to help other breast cancer victims fathom what their future may look like. Using extensive research and personal anecdotes, the book is presented in a simple yet comprehensive manner so anyone can understand and benefit from its observations, revelations, and recommendations.
Lee Gale Gruen

Personal recommendation, Amazon review

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. I certainly could have used this book then. But I have found much of value in it on how to lesson my chances of it returning and what to do if it does. To a certain extent it has given me peace of mind.
Florence Howard

Personal recommendation, Amazon review

Gold sticker and red ribbon signifying book award winner count.

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