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Disparities in Cancer Care: Getting It Right — Finally 

Disparities in Cancer Care: Getting It Right — Finally 

The cancer mortality rate has been declining since 1991. But not everyone in the United States gets equal care for cancer. For years, experts thought this was a race issue. The acclaimed cancer expert Otis Brawley, MD, says it has more to do with class, geography, and...

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Lymphedema Risk Factors

Lymphedema Risk Factors

If you’ve had lymph node surgery and/or radiation therapy, you’re considered to be at some risk for lymphedema. How high your risk is depends on whether you have any other risk factors for the condition, outlined below. Some lymphedema risk factors are under your...

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Book Awards for The Thinking Woman's Guide to Breast Cancer

Listen to Dr. Janet Maker's
Interview with Melanie Young
of Fearless Fabulous You

June 27, 2018 on W4WN Network

Listen to Dr. Janet Maker's Interview with Dr. Drew
June 4, 2018 on 790 KABC


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