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Exercise Should Be Prescribed to Cancer Survivors 

Exercise Should Be Prescribed to Cancer Survivors 

Enough evidence was available to conclude that common cancer-related health outcomes, including anxiety, depressive symptoms, fatigue, physical functioning, and health-related quality of life, could be improved with specific doses of aerobic, combined aerobic plus...

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Can Turmeric Help Fight Cancer? 

Can Turmeric Help Fight Cancer? 

Turmeric is known to help ailments from arthritis to anxiety. Some people claim it can help prevent or treat cancer. What's the verdict? Some evidence suggests that substances in turmeric kill cancer cells. Source: Can Turmeric Help Fight Cancer? | Everyday...

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Side Effects of Chemotherapy 

Side Effects of Chemotherapy 

While chemotherapy can be effective and life-saving, it does come with side effects due to how it works. Chemotherapy is a class of drugs that target rapidly dividing cells in the body, which includes both cancer cells and some normal, healthy cells. Source: Side...

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Book Awards for The Thinking Woman's Guide to Breast Cancer

Listen to Dr. Janet Maker's
Interview with Melanie Young
of Fearless Fabulous You

June 27, 2018 on W4WN Network

Listen to Dr. Janet Maker's Interview with Dr. Drew
June 4, 2018 on 790 KABC


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