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Reducing Stress to Stay in Remission

One thing experts seem to agree on is that cancer patients should find ways to reduce stress. Even mainstream cancer centers usually offer things like tai chi, yoga, and meditation for this purpose.

Do I Need a Patient Advocate?

Many cancer patients are not able to do the research they need in order to make informed decisions, either because they are too sick or because they don’t have the skills. They can enlist friends or relatives to help, or they can hire a patient advocate.


3D Printing & Breast Reconstruction

​Many news outlets have reported recently on new research being performed in Austin, TX. A company called TeVido is conducting research and experimenting with different 3D printing technologies and harvested human cells to create real nipples for breast reconstruction...

Using light to destroy metastatic breast cancer

Metastatic breast cancer may soon be treated using light to activate photo-sensitive drugs which, in turn, can target cancer cells and avoid healthy ones. Source: Using light to destroy metastatic breast...

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