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Body Weight and Breast Cancer

After I finished chemotherapy in 2011, my medical oncologist began expressing concern about my weight. Overweight is usually defined as a Body Mass Index (BMI) over 25.  In postmenopausal women, overweight is considered a risk factor for estrogen receptor-positive...

My Anti-Cancer Diet

My integrative oncologist has me on a remission maintenance program designed to keep any residual cancer cells from proliferating and also designed to prevent the development of new cancers caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The program consists of diet, supplements, and physical fitness, as well as stress reduction and avoidance of carcinogens,


Chemicals in Everyday Products Rival Cars as Source of Air Pollution 

Household cleaners, personal care products, perfumes, and other consumer and industrial products emit chemicals known as volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. Researchers led by scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration found that as cars have gotten cleaner, tailpipe emissions have gone down. As a result, the researchers estimate that emissions from consumer and industrial products now contribute half of the VOCs that cause air pollution.

Low Muscle Mass and Breast Cancer Survival 

Some studies have found that leaner people diagnosed with several different cancer types have a higher risk of dying than those who, according to their body mass index (BMI), are overweight or mildly obese. Similar findings have been reported in diseases other than cancer, and the phenomenon has come to be known as the “obesity paradox”—the idea that having some excess body fat offers a measure of protection against disease-related death.

Breast cancer: Innovative pill may aid diagnosis

Many women with benign breast modules or slow-progressing cancer undergo needless procedures because current diagnostic methods cannot differentiate between harmful and benign tumors. An experimental new pill could change that.

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