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Blood test launched that monitors the cancer’s ‘DNA’

A new ‘smart blood test’ could revolutionise cancer treatment by matching patients to the most effective care earlier. Liquid biopsies, which would cost between £200 and £300, could become a standard part of patient care within just two years, experts believe.
A groundbreaking clinical trial involving 1,000 breast cancer patients will be launched in the next two months.

Woman describes getting revolutionary one-day breast cancer treatment

The procedure, called intraoperative radiation therapy (or IORT), is an electronic form of targeted radiation treatment ideal for women with stage 1 or 2 cancer that has not progressed to the lymph nodes. Breast surgeons to work together with radiation oncologists in the operating room to deliver a single dose of radiation and simultaneously remove the lump while the patient is under anesthesia.

The Dirty Secrets of Feminine Hygiene Products Most Women Don’t Know

How can a clean, white pad or tampon cause damage? Unless that pad or tampon is made with organic cotton, chances are that it’s made with GMO cotton treated with crop pesticides. 94% of the cotton grown in the United States is genetically modified. If it’s an “odor neutralizing” product or contains any sort of fragrance, it contains a chemical soup of contaminates that can potentially cause infertility, neurological defects, hormone dysfunction, and cancer.

Breast Surgery Can Cause Cancer to Spread

Surgical removal of cancerous tissue (and even biopsies) can cause the cancer to spread. Since it is generally accepted in cancer research that about 90% of patients die from metastases or secondary tumors, and only a small minority die from a primary tumor, this information should of great interest to doctors as well as patients.

How diabetes drug metformin prevents, suppresses cancer growth 

Several studies have suggested that individuals taking metformin have a reduced risk of developing certain cancers and of dying from cancers that do develop. Current clinical trials are testing the impact of metformin on cancers of the breast, prostate and pancreas; and several research groups are working to identify its molecular targets.

Scientists developing model to predict if chemotherapy will work for breast cancer 

To develop the prediction model, researchers analyzed the expression of genes from breast cancer samples drawn from 389 triple negative breast cancer patients before treatment, and they also drew upon data on how those patients responded to treatment. Knowing in advance which patients will respond to chemotherapy could help physicians determine the best course of treatment.

Latest Research on Cancer and Exercise

There are three ways to look at battling cancer. For those who don’t have it, lowering risk is the primary goal. For those who’ve had it, successfully recovering and of course reducing the chances of recurrence are of utmost importance. For those who currently have it, the priorities are getting rid of it and minimizing the harmful effects that both the disease and the treatment have on the body. Exercise has been shown to help with all three.

Vitamin D Linked to Longer Breast Cancer Survival 

In a 7 year study of 1,666 breast cancer patients, premenopausal women with higher Vitamin D levels were 55% more likely to survive, 42% more likely to die free of invasive disease, and 63% less likely to die of breast cancer. Postmenopausal women were 25 – 28% more likely to survive over the course of the study.

Biden to tackle broad range of cancer issues, including drug prices, after leaving White House 

Biden’s new nonprofit group will focus on many “moonshot” issues, including the need to knock down “silos” in cancer research and share research data and medical records more widely, boosting participation in clinical trials, and finding new ways to improve treatment provided by community oncologists. He said he also wanted to work on reducing racial disparities in diagnosis and treatment.

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