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Avoiding Chemo: Is There A Way To Weigh The Odds? 

For patients who test in the low risk category with a score of under 18 on the recurrence scale, Oncotype DX allows them to avoid chemotherapy entirely. Unfortunately, there are a large proportion of results that just aren’t that clear cut, and study is ongoing to see whether more patients could also skip the chemo without putting themselves at risk. Finding ways to treat tumors effectively without wasting effort or exposing patients to unnecessary risk is an important part of the fight against cancer.

Young Indian-Australian doctor invents a simple way to detect breast cancer

A young Indian Australian doctor, who works as a Chief Scientist at BCAL Diagnostics in Sydney, Dr Dharmica Mistry has discovered a simpler method to detect breast cancer. She realised that oils from the blood of breast cancer patients was being deposited in their hair and that a simple blood test could screen for the disease. Although the test is not yet on the market, preliminary results show a promising 90 per cent cancer detection rate.

This Cancer-Linked Chemical May be in Your Toothpaste

The FDA banned the antibacterial chemical triclosan from soaps after findings that suggest long-term exposure could “pose health risks, such as bacterial resistance or hormonal effects.” But the chemical may still be used in many other products including makeup, furniture, toys, pesticides – and best-selling Colgate Total toothpaste.

Sugary drinks and the pathway towards cancer 

Messages from the media on sugary drinks are conflicting. On one hand, the notion of a seasonal pumpkin-flavored latte evokes sentiments of childhood traditions. On the other, news reports of a rising obesity epidemic, ridden by the life altering and debilitating effects of chronic diseases cast a threatening shadow over our comfort drinks.

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