75% Of Drinking Water In America Found To Be Contaminated With A Group 1 Heavy Metal Carcinogen

Buy and use a water filter like the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher, which has been tested to remove chromium-6 by up to 96 percent, the lab-verified Big Berkey gravity filter, or the AquaTru countertop filter, which removes chromium-6 along with hundreds of other toxic chemicals and heavy metals. Note that brands like Brita will not protect you against this form of contamination.

Understanding Endocrine Disruptors

Breast cancer, already the most common cancer in the United States, is projected to rise by 50% by 2030, according to researchers at the National Cancer Institute (NCI). They expect 441,000 new cases in 2030, up from 283,000 in 2011. Philip Rosenberg, a senior investigator in the division of cancer epidemiology and genetics at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), says that part of the rise can be attributed to the increased number of ER+ breast cancers. This trend is likely caused by changes in “circumstances and lifestyles,” but the research model looked at total numbers, not causes, he said. Of course I am interested in the causes, because my breast cancer was ER+, which means that it needs estrogen to grow. I don’t want a recurrence or metastasis. Also, I am in the majority. Almost 80% of breast cancers are ER+, and this number is on the rise.

How to Get Chromium-6 Out of Your Water

Chromium-6 is the carcinogen exposed by Erin Brockovich, and the Environmental Working Group has found it in the water of 31 out of 35 cities they tested, In every case, the levels were higher than the standards set by California’s EPA. The good news is that if your water is affected, you can buy filters that will remove it.

Our Feel-Good War on Breast Cancer 

Mammography is an unquestioned pillar of the pink-ribbon awareness movement. However, a recent survey of three decades of screening published in The New England Journal of Medicine found that mammography’s impact is decidedly mixed: it does reduce, by a small percentage, the number of women who are told they have late-stage cancer, but it is far more likely to result in overdiagnosis and unnecessary treatment, including surgery, weeks of radiation and potentially toxic drugs.

Gov Says Popular Pesticide Doesn’t Cause Cancer. Here’s The Problem 

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which evaluates potential carcinogens for the World Health Organization, declared glyphosate, the ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup “probably carcinogenic to humans.” The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) disagreed, The problem is that the EPA tested glyphosate in isolation rather than the way it’s actually used in the fields.

The Trade-offs of Ten Years of Aromatase Inhibitors 

I am coming to the end of my five years of aromatase inhibitors, so this is an issue that affects me. It’s important to understand the research about whether or not to extend hormone treatment. We have to weigh the statistical odds of benefiting against the harm caused by the side effects.